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Nails Inc

The UK’s number one nail brand, is renowned for first to market innovation, prestige color quality, and immaculate gloss finish. Founded in 1999, Nails.Inc resonates with a trend-conscious consumer with high expectations. The brand has luxury nail bars in esteemed retail locations such as Sephora and always has high quality at the forefront of their mind when developing a product. In 2017 Thea launched INC.redible Cosmetics, the sister brand which encapsulates the premium essence of Nails.INC but for super-powered beauty products with a mission to make every single person feel their most INC.redible self. “I wanted to create a beauty collection that not only simplifies your makeup routine but also adds a little fun back into it.” Both brands are cruelty-free and nearing 100% vegan, making big steps to ensure every product is as planet-friendly as it possibly can be.

Nails Inc Nail Care

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