Pinafore Dresses

Perfect for any season, pinafore dresses are just so cute and trendy. The overall dress will transform your look from standard to fashionista-worthy. Re-create that 90’s vibe with a dungaree dress on top of your basic tee, paired with a chunky sneaker for that classic look. Combine a white long-sleeved shirt with either a cross styled or V-neck black pinafore dress, for either a casual or party-ready look. And a corduroy pinafore dress is on every influencer’s radar right now. So ladies, say hello to your new best friend, the pinafore dress!

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  • Maternity
    White Maternity Stripe Pinafore Dress
    $30.00 $12.00
  • Tall 5'7 and over
    Khaki Tall Woven Plunge Pinafore Dress
    $40.00 $16.00
  • Petite Under 5’3
    Grey Petite Check Belted Pinafore Dress
    $50.00 $20.00
  • Petite Under 5’3
    Stone beige Petite Cord Pinafore Dress
    $36.00 $14.40
  • $36.00 $14.40 Sale
  • Plus Size & Curve
    Black Plus Horn Button Denim Pinafore Dress
    $56.00 $22.40
  • Plus Size & Curve
    Black Plus Denim Pocket Pinafore Dress
    $60.00 $30.00 Sale
  • Petite Under 5’3
    Rust orange Petite Cord Button Front Pinafore
    $50.00 $25.00 Sale
  • Plus Size & Curve
    Grey Plus Tiered Smock Pinafore Dress
    $36.00 $14.40

Jumpers, Dungaree & Pinafore Dresses

A pinafore is a style staple that makes your basics look not so basic! Try a denim, black or pastel overall or dungaree dress styled with a jersey or slogan tee for an effortless look that gives you street-style cred.